24th Annual Samaritan Cup

About Samaritan Center

Samaritan Center is at the forefront of advancing holistic mental healthcare and has been serving Central Texas for 49 years. Samaritan Center’s mission is to heal hearts, provide hope, and enhance lives with a holistic approach to mental health for all ages, whole families, and the military community. 

Professional counseling is uniquely combined with integrative medicine, acupuncture, support groups, skills-building workshops, peer support, and case management for connecting individuals with community partners for wraparound care. Samaritan Center strives to help everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. A focus is on reaching underserved, low-income, and diverse children and adults, and veterans who served our country. Services treat the whole person - mind, body, spirit, and community - to improve mental health and overall well-being. 

To learn more, please visit Samaritan-Center.org.


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